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Video & Multimedia Tributes
Feature Service video A video or multimedia presentation is an exciting, interactive way to capture and share a Personal History, Professional Bio, or Story Telling Session.

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So many ways to share your story



Record your history or that of a loved one.


A vivid, living record of loved ones' thoughts and memories.


Share a collaborative process of creating an archive with your loved ones.


An easy way right for your family or friends to keep up to date with each others.

Business Applications

Refine your boi, presentation, or pitch for greater success.

Story Telling

Professional storying telling can liven up your event.


Confide in someone who will listen and not judge.

Baby Makes 3

Create a lasting record of how your bundle of joy has changed your life.



We come to sit with the Elders and Mentors of Families, Businesses, and Communities and record what they say about their:

  • Life & Times
  • Work & Relationships
  • Challenges & Triumphs
  • Wit & Wisdom

Since you have someone in your mind and heart, Whose personality and stories you cherish, And you want to make sure they are not lost or forgotten, Then let us help you make that happen.

We work with you to keep those stories and voices echoing through the branches of your family tree for a long time.

We are specialists in hearing the Persons inside their stories, and helping others hear them too. People who work with us keep their life experiences available for themselves and those they helped create. They often fall in love with themselves a little bit again while they do it.

To learn what we can do for your family life throughout time and to initiate an heirloom audio-biography so life doesn't pass by while time does, start an exploratory conversation by clicking:
or call: (908) 237-9205.

"I'm so grateful to Ron O'Reilly for capturing the life story of my father. He's gone now but he lives on in an Heirloom Photo Album that I share with my children, and they will share with their children. I recommend Ron to any family who wants to preserve the memory and personality of someone special for generations to come."
~ Jason Miller
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