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Video & Multimedia Tributes
Feature Service video A video or multimedia presentation is an exciting, interactive way to capture and share a Personal History, Professional Bio, or Story Telling Session.

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So many ways to share your story



Record your history or that of a loved one.


A vivid, living record of loved ones' thoughts and memories.


Share a collaborative process of creating an archive with your loved ones.


An easy way right for your family or friends to keep up to date with each others.

Business Applications

Refine your boi, presentation, or pitch for greater success.

Story Telling

Professional storying telling can liven up your event.


Confide in someone who will listen and not judge.

Baby Makes 3

Create a lasting record of how your bundle of joy has changed your life.



"Ron did a good job. We learned things about Dad’s life we never knew."
~ Children of a World War II Veteran

"I’m funny!"
~ An 80-year-old man upon hearing himself on tape

"Every family should do this."
~ A son who gave his mother a 2-hour recording of her life

"My life experiences are what I want my children to know about me...because I’m not only my disease."
~ A man undergoing cancer treatment

"Every time we talk I remember things I haven’t thought about for years. It helps to remember the experiences that made me into the person I am today."
~ A small business owner

"“Ron asks very good questions. He’s a perceptive listener with many perspectives on what life events can mean."
~ A world-renowned scientist.

Now when the kids visit their grand parents they have things they can talk about and it’s not so awkward or boring."
~ A woman who had her parents tell their histories

"Mom cried when we gave her the book of her life story.”"
~ A daughter, about the personal history book she gave to her mother

"Thank you. You make me think."
~ A grateful client

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